A DVD will store data externally and this increases its chances of getting scratched, which will, in turn, have a negative effect on the data. The ability to repair a scratch will be determined on its location on the DVD. If the scratch is on the upper, shiny section on the disc, no repairs can be made and every data will be lost.

If the scratch is at the lower end of the DVD which is made of plastic, it will be possible to repair though resurfacing and then polishing the disc.

Most of the companies are now resulting to make discs that are scratch resistant which will not need any repairs.  It is advisable to discard all scratched discs and buy new ones but if you feel there is a need to repair the scratches on the DVD, here are some of the steps you will follow:

  • Wash the DVD using luke-warm water and mild soap to help in getting rid of all oils and marks on the surface.
  • Use a soft cloth to dry all water from the disc
  • Take some toothpaste and apply on the surface of the DVD
  • Use a straight motion to spread the toothpaste on your DVD, moving from the inner part towards the edges
  • Clean the toothpaste from the disc and allow the DVD to dry.

Besides using toothpaste in the repair of a scratch on a DVD, you can also use a banana, furniture polish, eyeglass cleaners, window cleaners, and peanut butter. You will follow the procedure explained above where you will smear either of them on the surface of the disc and later clean them off after a while. Your DVD will be playable and it will not be possible to know it had scratches.

How can you Repair a Scratch on Your DVD?

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