A lot of people are confused when it comes to differentiating a DVD and a Blue Ray disc. Though they will have the same appearance, there are a lot of differences when it comes to their storage capacity, construction of the disc, image resolution, player compatibility, and laser technology.

  • Storage capacity:

 A DVD can store data that is up to 4.7 GB which can be watched for 2 hours. A double-layered DVD will store twice the content which can be watched for 4 hours.

A Blue Ray that has a single layer can store up to 25GB which can be watched for 2 hours on the high definition or 13 hours on the standard definition. A double layer will store up to 50GB that will be watched for 4 ½ hours on the high definition or 26 hours on standard definition.

  • Image Resolution

Every DVD has a standard definition of about 480 or an enhanced definition of 520 that will look good on all standard tube televisions where it will utilize every pixel on the TV screen. Using a DVD on widescreen HDTV will make the pictures grainy.

A Blue Ray is made of a high definition of about 1080 display and can hold data of up to 25GB, which is enough for an entire movie. The image resolution of a blue ray is the best in the market and will be very attractive on HDTV.

  • Player compatibility

A Blue Ray cannot play in standard DVD players as the laser used on DVD player cannot read the small groves in Blue Ray Discs as a result of its large size.

A DVD will be able to play on a Blue Ray player though the quality of the images will not be as good as that of the Blue Ray.

A DVD is cheaper compared to a Blue Ray though the quality of the pictures will be better in a blue ray disc. You will spend more on buying a Blue Ray but in the long run, you will enjoy high-quality images and longer hours of viewing your favorite movies.

What is the Difference between DVD and Blue Ray?

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